Seperator Filter

Separator filtration systems work on the principle of removing solids and particles with specific weights bigger than water by centrifugal force. As the water enters the inlet section tangentially, centrifugal force generates; therefore, particles that are heavier than water are dispersed to the walls of the device and move towards the collecting zone in spiral movements. Particles gathered in the lower reservoir of the filter can be disposed manually or automatically and periodically or continuously. Disposed of its particles, water, through the whirlpool occurred in the middle of the separator, is pulled upwards and transferred to the outlet line. . Separator filters have the feature of operating for 24 hours continuously. . Any particles up to 70 microns can be filtered. . They can be used in high capacity range. . They have self-cleaning features. . Water does not need to be cut during the cleaning process. . No spare parts are needed and no moving parts are present in the interior. . The only maintenance needed is to clean the reservoir, where the solid substances are collected. . Loss of pressure is stable; no change of flow is observed even in high capacities. For high capacities, custom manufacturing is available. Filter measurements can be customized for the machinery used or for your requirements. By calculating the micron value necessary for your field of use, the most suitable filter for your system will be designed; then, the production will be made by taking into consideration the loss of pressure and necessary flow. Our separator filter raw materials are imported directly from suppliers who have proven themselves in the micro glass media sector in Europe. Filters can be produced from AISI 304, AISI 316 quality sheets or galvanized sheets depending on the area of use. In order for the filters to have long life spans, they are supported by the filter medias with polyester content which prevents the explosions, based on the principle of inside-out operating.
Seperator Filter
  • Seperator Filter
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